Bruce Perlowin

The Hemp Network - CEO Bruce Perlowin

Bruce Perlowin

Medical Marijuana, Inc. seem to have brought full circle in my marijuana career. In late 2008 the producer of a documentary for CNBC called me up and said he was filming a show on the Emerald Triangle of northern California called “Marijuana, Inc.” ( and wanted to do a segment on my smuggling career – would I fly from Florida where I was living at the time and be part of that documentary? I said yes and when Marijuana, Inc. ran in 2009 it became the most watched documentary in CNBC history – instantly making my story and myself a bit of a celebrity in the marijuana movement. That documentary continues to run to this date airing close to 120 times thus far.

That documentary created all kinds of feedback from the medical marijuana movement and other interested parties from book deals to movie deals. My partner Don Steinberg and I decided to take a look at the medical marijuana industry and one thing led to another and after a lot of consideration we changed the name of our public company to “Medical Marijuana, Inc.” and became the first company in US history to go into the medical marijuana industry with the stock symbol MJNA. We trade on the Pink sheets in the US.

It took us about a year (we’re now one and a half years old with MJNA) to solidify where we wanted to position ourselves in this newly emerging multi-billion dollar industry and while we do a lot of things in providing “solutions for an emerging industry” (we do everything in the industry except medical marijuana dispensaries and growing medical marijuana – since it’s still against federal law and we are a public company – I’d rather play it safe this time around), our recent focus is two divisions of our company. One is our Expo division which does large industry trade shows which are multifaceted – including industry speakers, vender booths, workshops, hemp fashion shows, entertainment, celebrity appearances and a night time concert. Our next one is in the fabled Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan just outside of Detroit where we hope to have 500 venders and 100,000 attendees during this 3 day event over the Halloween weekend, October 29, 30 and 31st (see:

The next exciting division of MJNA is a network marketing company called “The Hemp Network” again another first – this one being the first marijuana MLM in history or the first hemp network marketing company in history selling all hemp products (industrial hemp products which are legal in all 50 states – not the marijuana plant used for medicine or recreation – you can’t get high from industrial hemp at all – but it’s other uses are earth shattering in their applications). The Hemp Network is just now launching and as everyone knows getting in on the ground floor of any network marketing company is a very desirous place to be. One way I see this is that it can be the funding mechanism for the people who want to change the world (see: or just Google that phrase to find hundreds of distributor’s websites already in and marketing The Hemp Network). This is actually Don and I’s third network marketing company – and with the first two (GlobalCom 2000 and One World Communications) being wildly successful – we anticipate the same thing and even bigger this time.

With a major motion picture being done on my life story, I guess when my little brother (when he found out I was going back into the “medical” marijuana industry again – even though this time it’s totally legal) Jed said, “Is this what you want to be remembered for – marijuana”? I answered, “I guess that’s my calling – and it happens to be an industry I love – for way too many reasons to explain very briefly – but mostly because with The Hemp Network – I truly believe we can all collectively change the world for the better – and that is my calling”.

So I invite everyone to join me in spreading the word about industrial hemp by signing up in The Hemp Network today. The hemp movement says that hemp can save the planet, which is a pretty farfetched idea at first glance. However, just a small bit of research (like reading the late Jack Herer’s book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” available on our website) or watching a few of the short videos on our website will make even the most skeptical person scratch his head and think – gee, this does make sense – maybe hemp really can save the planet.

-Bruce Perlowin, CEO